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Published in 2022

Inside the comfort zone

We talk a lot about going outside of our comfort zone in krav maga. This is important to create growth and development and to build resilience, something that we have unique opportunities to do in krav maga. But we don't want to be outside our comfort zone all the time.

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Learning mindset: Keep the goal in mind

If your goal is to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible, keep your eyes on that goal and don't be afraid to make mistakes - especially when you have someone knowledgeable around to help you improve.

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Boundary Setting in Training

In self-defence we talk about boundary setting a lot - it’s a key life skill, that empowers you to take control of how you relate to other people, be that in relationships (with a partner; with friends; with colleagues) or with people we don’t know. Boundaries draw a line that says here, but no further. They help us keep ourselves safe.

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International Women's Day 2022

It’s International Women’s Day! A global day to celebrate the achievements of women across all spheres and to campaign for gender equality. We are passionate about teaching women self-defence and we are delighted to have an opportunity to celebrate all the amazing women that make up our community.

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Mindset, Part 1: Why The Way We Talk to Ourselves Matters

The way we speak to ourselves matters more than you might think: it informs how we view challenges and what we believe ourselves capable of. It can be quite challenging to start a conversation about this with your child... Read on for some useful pointers!

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Dealing with bad days in training

Bad day? Sometimes training is a grind -for whatever reason - we aren't feeling it, we make mistakes or we just don't "get it", and everything just ~sucks~. So what can we do?

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Making Progress in Training

Now you know what your training goals are, how can you best achieve them to make progress in your training? Here are some tips to help!

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Setting Goals in Training

Training Goals are a great way to kickstart your progress - coming back after a break can be a good opportunity to re-assess your goals and decide what you want to focus on

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We've spent a lot of time over the last year and a half thinking carefully about physical boundaries, but boundaries aren't only about physical distance or for people we don't know.

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The Rencounter Krav Maga blog

Through our blog we share useful information related to Krav Maga and self-defence training, and give you a look into who we are and what goes on at the club.