About Krav Maga

Krav Maga is an internationally renowned, highly realistic self-defence system used by civilians, military, and law enforcement around the globe. It was originally developed by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli Defence Forces, and was later adapted for use by civilians. Krav Maga training develops capabilities on the physical, mental, technical, and tactical levels. The training is adapted to each individual, based on the same underlying principles.

Literally translated from Hebrew it means 'contact combat'. Unlike traditional martial arts, krav maga is a self-defence system first and foremost: all the techniques in the system are there because they have been tried and tested, and found to be the most effective and practical techniques in a self-defence situation. It is simple and fast to learn compared to most traditional marital arts, because the techniques are based on instinctive and simple movements to a large degree, and the same solutions can be adapted to a wide range of problems.

This means that your ability to defend yourself will be significantly better after just a few months of regular training – you don’t have to train for years and years to get the skills to defend yourself.

Krav maga and traditional martial arts

Krav maga is not focused on sport fighting or competitions. There are other systems that are better suited for that kind of fighting, where you voluntarily choose to fight, your opponent is of a similar size and weight to you, in a controlled and relatively safe setting, with rules that limit what you can do, to keep both parties safe. The specialty of krav maga is real life situations. Situations that you don’t choose to be in, that are not safe, not fair, and governed only by the rules of survival – and (in the aftermath) the law on self-defence.

When you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself in a dangerous situation where you are being attacked or threatened, likely by a person, or persons, who outmatch you in size, strength or numbers. Krav maga is made to work when fear and adrenaline is coursing through your body and completely altering the way your brain works. The basic techniques in krav maga are all based on gross motor skills, as we tend to lose our fine motor skills in situations of extreme stress – when we need defensive skills the most.

Krav maga training

The basics of krav maga teaches you how to use the weapons you have with you at any time: strong and simple strikes using hands, feet, legs, knees and elbows, nails and teeth, and also bags, backpacks, pointy heels, and whatever else you might carry with you, as additional weapons or shields. These are all tools that can be used in a wide variety of situations.

You also learn defences against all kinds of different attacks and threats, unarmed and armed, starting with the most commonly encountered attacks and expanding to all kinds of attacks as you progress through the system. These defences are made to work with our instinctive reactions as closely as possible, in order to function under stress.

Beyond this, there is a tactical element to krav maga training. In addition to self-defence techniques, you also learn about things to look out for to alert you to danger, situational awareness, how to position yourself, looking for exits, and much much more.

We also practice drills to gradually develop mental preparedness – mindset – determination, awareness, controlled aggression, and acting under pressure. This is an important part of being able to defend yourself better if you should have to.

Krav maga training is likely to benefit you by keeping you out of violent situations in the first place. In addition to improved situational awareness, self-defence training gives you confidence in your ability to deal with a situation if it were to become violent – this confidence is often what people need to de-escalate or solve situations without violence.

Rencounter's Instructors

Linn Haraldsvik

Krav Maga Qualifications

  • KMG Expert Level 1
  • Civilian Instructor
  • VIP/3rd Party Protection Instructor
  • Combat Mindset and Mental Conditioning Instructor
  • Combat and Fighting Instructor
  • Kids Instructor

Linn is the Head Instructor and owner of Rencounter Krav Maga. She founded the school in 2015, turning her passion for Krav Maga into her full-time job. Before starting her own school she taught for IKMS in Edinburgh, Krav Maga Trondheim in Norway, as well as teaching military Krav Maga as a hand-to-hand combat instructor in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

As a full-time professional Krav Maga instructor, Linn invests a lot of time developing her skills and knowledge. She strives to deliver the best teaching methods and up-to-date knowledge to her students, as well as developing her own skills as a practitioner. Linn is one of Scotland's leading krav maga instructors, and is currently the only female in the UK to have achieved the hard-earned Expert level rank with KMG, the krav maga equivalent of a black belt.

Linn has a strong interest in the dynamics of violence and the psychology of high stress situations, and is continually expanding her knowledge through reading up on research, and training with authorities in these fields.

Outside of Krav Maga, she also makes time for her hobbies, including Brazilian ju-jitsu, muay thai, judo, and a cup of tea and a good book.

“My motivation is to give regular people effective self-defence skills, and to help them build confidence and improve their quality of life in the process. I love teaching Krav Maga, it's a joy. The classes are a lot of fun, and students progress so quickly. It's great to see how people can expand their comfort zones, become more confident, and how their skills develop to deal with more challenging situations. For some people it's really life changing. I know it was for me.”

Krav Maga Global

Krav Maga Global (KMG) is the leading krav maga organisation in the world. While continuously developing the system, KMG promotes a comprehensive and thorough training program, which ensures that you get high-standard professional training.

KMG instructors are required to undertake regular instructor updates every year to maintain and raise their teaching capabilities and technical skills.

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