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Member Profiles - Simon

We're pleased to introduce another one of the outstanding people who train with us at Rencounter: Simon, one of our most experienced students. He has shared a little bit about his own Krav Maga journey.

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Member Profiles - Dean

It’s time to meet another one of our awesome members! Thanks to Dean for volunteering, he’s told us a wee bit about why he started Krav Maga and how he finds training at Rencounter.

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Member Profiles - Neil

Continuing our look at the awesome people we train with, the next member we’d like to introduce you to is Neil!

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Member Profiles - Daniella

Our members are what make our club! We have members from all different backgrounds and experience levels and we want you to know how awesome they are, so every couple of weeks we’re going to introduce you to one of them!

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KMG Ground Fighting Course (GFC)

This weekend I had the opportunity to go back to the motherland for some seriously fun krav training in Oslo. It was a course that I’ve been eagerly looking forward to: the new KMG Ground Fighting Course developed by Rune Lind, KMG Expert level 5, Global team instructor, and MMA coach.

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Rencounter KM second year anniversary

Thanks to everyone who came to the pub brawl this weekend. It was a lot of fun, and great to watch the energy and enthusiasm you all brought to it! I hope you all learned something useful, and just as important, had a great time.

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Where and how to attach the KMG level patch

If you are reading this article it's likely that you have passed your first grading and earned your first level patch. But it's not going to be the last one, is it? Of course not.

So to save yourself some work down the line, here's how to attach your patch like a pro.

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Reading list

Here are a few videos, articles and books related to self defence that you might find interesting.

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Wednesday morning classes

This will be a high-energy one hour class, with the simple, kick-ass techniques that make krav maga an excellent self-defence system, and plenty of cardio and functional strength development in the process. So whether you're looking for self-defence or fitness, or both, you've found what you're looking for!

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Rencounter KM first year anniversary

It’s now just over a year since I started Rencounter Krav Maga, and to be honest, it seemed like a crazy decision at the time. But a year in I've not regretted it.

It's been a fun year, though there's been many challenges and the learning curve has been steep, it's not been more than I've been able to figure out how to solve, with support in small and large ways from many people.

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Boardgame workout

Yep, that's correct, boardgame workout. Those two words can be used together, and very effectively too it turns out.

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Krav maga self-defence for women

This week we had a visit from STV Edinburgh to do a highlight about women’s self-defence. There isn’t much time to go into details in a short interview like that, so here is more information about Krav Maga and self-defence for women, which didn’t fit into the programme.

Rencounter Krav Maga women’s self-defence course on STV Edinburgh

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Side stories

Rob's Road to E Camp

A blog?

Linn Haraldsvik: owner, manager, CEO, head of marketing, and janitor at Rencounter Krav Maga. Certified Krav maga instructor (Krav Maga Global), Primal Move instructor (a.k.a Ground Force Method), and MSc International and European Politics.

I started building up the krav maga school Rencounter in Edinburgh in Jan/Feb 2015. Here I will be writing about the process, challenges, joys, and detours involved, about my classes, krav maga, fitness, confidence, and about anything that comes to mind. It’s an exciting journey for me, and I don’t know where it will end, but I’m enjoying the experience and learning tons of cool and useful things along the way.