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Inside the comfort zone

by Linn

We talk a lot about going outside of our comfort zone in krav maga. This is important to create growth and development and to build resilience, something that we have unique opportunities to do in krav maga. But we don't want to be outside our comfort zone all the time.

Growth and development also requires spending time inside our comfort zone. Two main things are involved in growth of any kind: expending energy and recovering energy. To live a sustainable life we want to alternate between the two.

We want to use our comfort zone intelligently. Not as a place to live our entire lives or to hide away, but to rest, recover, get grounded, and process.

If we don't spend that time in the comfort zone, our progress will come to a halt as surely as if we don't step outside our comfort zone.

So keep challenging yourself and pushing your limits step by step, but don't forget to make time for recovery as well.

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