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New instructor qualification: Sarah becomes an Endorsed Colleague with 500Rising

After completing the 500Rising Level 1 course in Instruction Foundations in Women's Self Defence in September, our instructor Sarah is now officially an Endorsed Colleague with 500Rising.

Endorsed Colleague

500Rising's mission is to make an impact on the statistics of violence against women by educating women's self-defence instructors to spread the knowledge. This is a practical programme that is based around the reality that more than 80% of violence against women is perpetrated by someone known to her.

This has to impact how we teach, with an emphasis on honing our skills to read people and situations, in order to avoid or prevent being targeted for physical violence. These are our strongest and most effective skills, and where most situations can be solved.

The physical skills part of the 500Rising programme is based on simple movements and principles. It's based around the types of situations that women more commonly encounter, and consider the fact that the aggressor is likely to be known to her.

This programme is an excellent complement and addition to what we teach already, providing more extensive knowledge to work from.

We are very excited to have another of our instructors trained through 500Rising, adding to our knowledge and toolbox to provide the best possible training for our students.

Big congratulations and well done to Sarah for putting in the time and work to further her knowledge!

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