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Dealing with bad days in training

Growth is a long-term game

By Sarah

Bad day? We talked recently about goal setting and how best to make progress in training - but what about when we don't make progress?

Sometimes training is a grind -for whatever reason - we aren't feeling it, we make mistakes or we just don't "get it", and everything just ~sucks~!

Firstly we need to know that this is totally normal! Everyone has bad days. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you are still human and you aren't going to get everything right all the time. That's ok!

Progress isn't always a straight line. Learning is full of ups and downs, but over the time, the trend is going upwards and onwards - growth is a long term game.

We also need to remember that growth and change can be painful - expanding our comfort zone and taking on new challenges isn't always going to feel amazing in the midst of it.

How do we get through those bad training days?

  • Keep showing up. You can still learn if you're having a bad day, you are still getting reps in. Growth happens over time, not in one session, but you need to keep coming back.

  • Acknowledge that you are having an off day and adjust accordingly. Maybe you focus on doing the basics, maybe you focus on mindset. Pick one thing that you can do, and work on that. Worry about the rest another day

  • Speak to the instructor - ask for specific feedback on what you're doing and get an outside perspective. Ask how they think you're doing in general - they see the big picture

  • Identify ONE thing that you did well after a rubbish session. There will be something!

  • Remember where you started, even on a bad day, you're way ahead of where you were.

Growth is a long term game and the bad days are just as important as the good days.

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