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Teaching at LVJB: Avoidance and prevention+physical skills

by Linn

By understanding how violence happens, we are better prepared to assess risk, and to spot and act on potential danger signs. That can help us avoid or prevent situations that have the potential to become violent, before they get to that stage. And in the worst case, it helps us be a little more prepared to physically defend ourselves, when we don't have better options.

Understanding violence

Last week we had the pleasure of teaching a day of self-defence training for staff at Lothian Valuation Joint Board, split around 50/50 between soft skills and physical skills.

A lot of situations can be avoided or solved without getting to the physical stage, but we know that not all situations can be avoided, and not all situations have a reasonable outcome, so simple, no-nonsense physical skills gives us something to fall back on, a chance to break away and get to safety if our other strategies failed or there was no time.


We really enjoyed teaching the group, great effort, and loads of good questions that showed they were processing the information and relating it to their existing knowledge and experience.

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