Krav Maga for all ages

Come and train with us, and learn new skills!

What makes us the best place in Edinburgh to learn krav maga and improve your fitness?

We are an inclusive and friendly group; You don’t need to be a hardened macho man to feel at home here. Rencounter is a club for all kinds of people. Everyday people like you and me. Together we have fun, learn kick-ass self-defence skills, and get great fitness results in the process. Training here will build your confidence, and you will be part of a supportive group of people who help each other succeed. Have a look at what some of our members have to say below.

We have highly qualified instructors, certified by Krav Maga Global, one of the largest and most professional krav maga organisations in the world. Head instructor Linn Haraldsvik is currently the highest graded female Krav Maga practitioner in the UK.

About us

Rencounter is a self-defence school in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are affiliated with Krav Maga Global.

Krav Maga is a self-defence system based on instinctive reactions and natural movements. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of background, age, gender, and level of fitness. We focus on how to get yourself out of a dangerous situation in the most efficient and safest way possible.

With Rencounter Krav Maga you can develop your fitness while having fun and learning effective, realistic self-defence that's made to work for everyone!


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What our members say

“I joined the class as a way to keep fit with friends. I continued because I really enjoy the combination of fitness and learning self-defence strategies. I've tried going to the gym and running, but actually using my brain and learning with others is much more fun for me. Linn has a way of encouraging you whilst helping you improve which makes you leave feeling that you've learnt something each time.” Jocelyn

“Krav Maga is the first martial art I've taken seriously. I found the others too drilled, too neat and perfect; too focused on gaining points in competitions and less about the real applications. I've felt very welcome at Rencounter, everyone is friendly, it's fun and after a day at work it's the perfect stress-busting workout!” John MacLennan

“Krav Maga is a great physical and mental workout. Each class is different but it's always fun and challenging, plus the group is really welcoming. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking to try something new!” Melissa

“I have been studying Krav Maga for at least 6 years now and I have seen teachers come and go - but Linn has brought a higher level of organisation, consistency and good humour to learning this self defence system.

Newcomers are made to feel very welcome and us old timers are run through our paces. Would highly recommend Linn’s classes. Particularly if you have never studied a martial art before.” Simon Blakely, post production manager and editor

“I had wanted to study Krav Maga for a while. I wanted to learn a method of self defence which would give me a well rounded set of skills that could be applied to a variety of real life situations. I researched a few Krav clubs and organisations before finally deciding on Rencounter. This was after reading the instructor Linn's profile and Rencounter's affiliation with Krav Maga Global as i knew this would ensure consistently high standards of training.

I finally took the step of signing up for my first class and I've not looked back since!

Linn is a superb instructor, she is very professional and also very approachable. I have been extremely impressed by Linn's technical knowledge of Krav Maga and how well she passes her knowledge and enthusiasm to her students at her classes. The classes always have a good atmosphere and you walk out every class with a few new techniques under your belt. I would highly recommend Rencounter to anyone.” Mark

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