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Setting Goals in Training

New Week, New Goals

By Sarah

Goals: Kickstart your progress!

Getting back into the swing of regular training after a bit of a break is a good time to re-assess our goals. Not so much a "new year, new you" - you absolutely don't need to re-invent yourself every January - but it's still a good opportunity to consider what is important to you, and what you would like to achieve.

Big or small, goal setting helps us make progress and gives our training focus and intention.

  • Do you want to improve a certain technique?

  • Is there a new skill to want to learn?

  • Maybe there's a technique you hate, and you want to turn a weakness into a strength?

  • Maybe you're looking for a new challenge?

  • Is there a grade or patch you want to work towards?

  • Is there a fear you want to overcome?

Goals are personal to you, because if they matter to you, you'll put in the work to achieve them. Keep these goals in mind when you come to training and start making progress!

What are your goals this year?

Originally posted 10th January

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