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Making Progress in Training

By Sarah

Make progress! We previously talked about setting goals - now you have set your krav goals, how can you go ahead and progress with your training?

Here are some tips:

  • Show up Yes, it really is that simple - if you want to get better at krav maga, do more krav maga. There isn't a magic formula - training makes you better.

  • Listen to the instructor. It's the instructor's job to make you better! Listen to their explanations, watch their demos and crucially, when they give you feedback, listen to it. Feedback is the key to growth!

  • Focus on one thing. Pick one thing to improve per class, and really focus on that. We often want to work on all the things, all the time! Instead focus on one area and make progress with that. Next class, focus on the next thing. Small steps forward every time.

  • Make Mistakes! Don't be afraid to fail. Mistakes are how we learn. We find out what works by experiencing what doesn't work. Everyone makes mistakes, don't give yourself a hard time. Remember we're looking for progress, not perfection.

  • Reflect: After training, pick one thing that you did well in training, and one thing you want to work on. You're already starting to make progress! Give yourself credit!

Happy training!

Aim for progress, not perfection

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