Krav Maga for Kids & Teens

Practical self-defence skills for children and teenagers! Confidence, fitness, and fun!

Krav maga is a practical self-defence and anti-bullying system that doesn’t take years of practice to learn.

Krav Junior:

  • Teaches practical and age-appropriate self-defence skills
  • Is simple and fun to learn 
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence
  • Develops fitness and motor skills
  • Teaches practical life skills (that will help your child develop)

Our aim is to help your child be happy, healthy, and prepared for life's challenges!

Krav Maga will give your child effective self defence skills in the shortest time possible. Through practice, fun and games, they will gain the skills and confidence to prepare them for situations they may stumble into in everyday life. Whether it’s dealing with bullies, daring to speak up, or getting away from a dangerous adult, krav maga helps your child develop valuable life skills.

Class times

Krav Kids (8–11 years)

Tuesday 17:00–17:45
North Merchiston Club, Polwarth
Thursday 16:30–17:15
St. Giles' Parish Church, Marchmont

Krav Teens (12–16 years)

Tuesday 18:00–19:00
North Merchiston Club, Polwarth
Thursday 17:30–18:30
St. Giles' Parish Church, Marchmont

See also: full timetable

How to get started

You can book a free trial for your child to give the classes a try. After that you can choose to sign up for weekly classes. Our classes are split into two age groups: 8-11 and 12-16.