Krav Maga for Kids & Teens

Practical self-defence skills for children and teenagers! Confidence, fitness, and fun!

Kids and teenagers face different problems than adults, like bullying, developing motor skills, confidence, and daring to speak up. Krav maga kids & teens offers a perfect blend of practical self-defence, physical fitness, and valuable life skills – all through fun and games!

Our aim is to help your child be happy, healthy, and prepared for life’s challenges.

Krav Maga...

  • Is simple and fun to learn
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence
  • Develops fitness and motor skills
  • Teaches practical life skills that will help your child grow

Learning self-defence through fun and games!

Why krav maga kids & teens?

Krav maga is a powerful self-defence system that doesn’t take years of practice to learn. It will give your child effective self defence skills in the shortest time possible, and prepare them to deal with situations they may stumble into in everyday life, whether it’s defending themselves from bullies, daring to speak up, or getting away from a dangerous adult.

Make your child bully-proof

In our krav maga kids classes we give children a perfect mix of structure and play. They learn to work toward goals and see the results of continued practice and discipline, and every class they will develop their skills through super fun games and activities.

We are dedicated to helping your child succeed on his or her own terms, and gradually become more confident and self-assured. In krav maga you have the advantage of being part of a group, without having to play as a team. Your child will learn about being an individual in a group and working with a partner, at the same time they can progress at their own pace. We believe that this makes a good foundation for children to experience mastery and success in their activities, and through that, build real and lasting confidence.

New classes in Polwarth!

We are also starting new kids and teens classes at the North Merchiston Club, in Polwarth. The next induction class is on the 17th of April. For more information and booking, email

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Not just self-defence: our krav kids & teens classes give your kids skills that help them succeed in life.

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Room to Move, Leith, Edinburgh

We are also starting new classes at the North Merchiston Club, in Polwarth, Edinburgh.


16:15–17:00Teens, 12–16 years old
17:15–18:00Kids, 8–12 years old

Prices per month

ClassesFull priceFamily discount
1 class/week£25£15

Family discount:

£15/month for additional kids after the first