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Member Profiles - Will

Before lockdown we had been introducing you to some of our members. Now that we are training online our members are still the most important part of Rencounter and why we keep going! So we’ll continue to tell you about the awesome people who train with us.

Next up is Will who tells us a little bit about himself, how he got started in krav maga and why he keeps training.

"I spend my days in an office designing or in a lab testing designs for scientific instruments that are used to explore the depths of the universe, and yes I can say that with a straight face. I am a mechanical design engineer and until 2018 I had never heard of Krav Maga.

It was a friend that told me about it. She had learnt about it through her boyfriend who used to train at Rencounter. After trying out the summer camp in 2018, she was hooked. She would tell us about it and encourage us to go. So, I thought what the hell I will give it a try. When I was a young boy I had wanted to do a martial art, but I never gave one a go. I was not particularly sporty, but now I wanted to do more than just running for my fitness. I also liked the idea of learning how to fight and protect myself. Seeing as Krav Maga is not a combat sport and it is self-defence it struck me as being more tailored towards my needs. After looking at the Rencounter website I contacted Linn and signed up to an induction class at the beginning of September 2018.

At that class Rob took us newbies and taught us the outside 360 defence against circular attacks. He did this by torturing ahem I mean demonstrating on one specific guy every time he needed a test subject. Poor guy. He got beaten up a lot that day. I enjoyed this class. It was a welcoming environment (although I did see somebody getting beaten up a lot), everyone seemed friendly (even the instructor who kept beating someone up a lot) and it was interesting. So, I decided I would sign up and come back for more. This opinion was reinforced with every class I went to. The mentality at this place was to learn, improve and help one another improve.

I used to only come along once a week, but it was like a drug. I would go to the class, enjoy it and then be wanting to do more! It was not long before I started going twice a week and then, when I was eligible for the intermediate class, 3 times a week. It must have been really good considering every time I went I would leave with more bruises and still want to go back to get more!

Since joining my self-confidence has grown allowing me to go out of my comfort zone and do other things, like learning to swim and bouldering. It has gotten me fitter and I have made some really good friends. Seeing everyone in class and at social events out of class is great fun.

There is a community feel to this place and that has recently been reinforced. See I write this during the coronavirus pandemic and we are in lockdown. During this time Linn is doing an amazing job of bringing us online training sessions and an online social get together every week. It has helped ease the very real withdrawal symptoms. I really do miss ground fighting and sparring!

When I think back to when I joined Rencounter all I know is that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made (don’t tell my friend that, she won’t let me live it down). So, if you want to learn some new skills, get fit and have fun along the way then check this place out.

I am thankful to Linn, her team and the people I train with. Thank you, Rencounter Krav Maga!"

Thank so much Will - keep smashing training!

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