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Member Profiles - Gianna

It’s been a while since we have told you about the amazing people who train with us! We wouldn’t be a club without our members, so we’re delighted to introduce them and have them say a little bit about themselves and their training. Thanks to Gianna for sharing a wee bit about how she finds training with us:

What do you outside of krav?

I work for a small technology start-up where besides my role in product management I have also learned to play darts. I have a passion for building Lego and creating sparkly festival accessories. My friends call me a crazy cat lady for no apparent reason.

How long have you been training?

Around 14 months. I am not in it for the grading but may do it at some point.

What do you get out of krav, what do you enjoy about it?

  • You learn to have a better awareness of your surroundings: understand the body signs of others, possible threat situations, and ways of exit.

  • You learn how to defend yourself against stronger or taller people as the likelihood when you are being attacked is that you are the weaker one.

  • You practice your confidence, push past your comfort zone and learn how to shout at people.

  • It's all based on natural body movements so you don't have to memorise any complex combinations.

  • You learn how to attack and defend in slo-mo so you can give a lot of thought to your technique and which weak points you are hitting, or will be hitting next.

  • But what's most fun about it all is that you can release your energy after a day at work and switch on beast mode. Punch and kick it all out!

What do you like about training at Rencounter?

  • It's a fun environment with great instructors that you learn loads from and can laugh with.

  • I really enjoyed the Randy King seminar that I took plenty of learning away from about dirty boxing.

  • Every class is different: from techniques, tools, and various weapons.

  • I like that there are socials from time to time (I loved the paintballing and Wings one)

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