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Member Profiles - Claire

It’s time to introduce another one of our awesome members! Next up is Claire, who has been training with us for just over a year.

"My name is Claire and I work full time as a team leader, and outside of work I spend my time with family and friends. I like going to the Cinema/theatre, eating out, reading books and keeping fit.

I joined Krav Maga in January 2019 and train twice a week. I graded in April 2019 and achieved my P1 grade. The reason I joined Krav was that I wanted to be fit and healthy and try something new rather than a gym.

Since joining I have never looked back, I love it and look forward to going every week. I have met so many people and made friends. It’s dynamic, interactive and fun and I feel that I am learning a skill whilst exercising. I enjoy the combination of fitness as well as learning self-defence techniques.

The instructors are approachable, professional and friendly with a high standard of training. They encourage you at all levels and help you to improve and there is no pressure to grade, you can just train.

There are opportunities to attend Krav Maga events over the year and learn even more skills and meet more people.

Everyone in class is very friendly and welcoming and the class has a good atmosphere. I would recommend Krav to anyone looking to take up martial arts, especially at Rencounter."

Thanks for sharing how you find training with us, Claire!

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