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Rencounter suspending all classes

From morning Monday 16 March 2020.

Hi all,

In the Rencounter team we have been keeping an eye on the spread of the virus and how the situation has developed in the rest of Europe.

Personally, I just got back from Norway yesterday, earlier than planned, and in the week since I left Edinburgh, Norway has gone from business as usual to closing down all but essential parts of society to limit contagion, and many airports are closing in the coming week.

The UK seems to be about a week or so behind in terms of the spread of the disease.

Because Norway is now an area with widespread cases of Covid-19, I’m self-isolating for the next 14 days, as recommended by authorities.

We see that the UK government is not imposing significant restrictions yet, though a large number of companies and businesses who are able to do so are taking action and asking employees to work from home if possible.

Now I love training, and I know you probably do to. I also love teaching. But Krav Maga is a contact activity. Very close contact as well a lot of the time. So we in the Rencounter team think that training with lots of different people during the coronavirus outbreak is not a good idea at all. To quote BJJ coach Stephan Kesting, “A better vector for virus spread with your clothes on cannot be imagined”.

Without going into a detailed discussion of the virus, we can safely say that:

  • It is not the flu. It seems to spread faster and have a higher fatality rate, and there is no vaccine right now.

  • People will get ill from Covid-19, family, friends, neighbours, most cases will be mild, but some will get seriously ill.

We would rather that there are enough hospital beds and resources to help everyone who gets ill – Which means reducing the number of number of people ill at the same time, delaying spread of the virus in any way we can.

As a school, we have decided to suspend classes for a defined period of time, in order to limit exposure to you, and especially to the older and less well members of your families and ours.

We will review this in 1 month, and then every 2 weeks thereafter.

We want to be pragmatic, taking positive action in the best interests of our instructors, our members, and our community. This is will hurt us now, but we feel it is the right thing to do for us. We are in the situation that we are in, so facing it head on, as unpleasant as it is for many, is the best way forward.

The plan ahead

We are suspending all classes from Monday 16th March, for 1 month.

This brings us to Monday 13 April. By then we will review the situation and decided whether to resume training or keep classes suspended.

In the meantime, we still want to give you all a way to continue your Krav Maga training, and get an outlet for any Corona-frustration and cabin fever that may build up in the coming weeks. Therefore we are working on setting up regular online sessions, around the usual class times.

We’ll take this situation as an opportunity to be creative - adapt and overcome.

If you have ideas, things that you would like to see/learn that could work well for remote training - give us a shout! Tell us what you want to learn.

Many KMG schools around the world are in the same situation so we will be working with our global community to give you different kinds of alternative training and learning opportunities. We will provide more info on this in the next few days.

Take care and be well,


Linn and the Rencounter Team

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