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Member Profiles - Simon

We're pleased to introduce another one of the outstanding people who train with us at Rencounter: Simon, one of our most experienced students. He has shared a little bit about his own Krav Maga journey.

"I started training in Krav Maga about 9 years ago and to be quite honest that’s quite an eye opener. You’d think I would be better at it by now and attained a higher grade!

Joking aside, I think that’s one of the strengths of learning Krav Maga. Your grade does not stop you learning. There are always new techniques to learn and always work to be done on perfecting what you do know. You are never held back by something as mundane as what level (or coloured belt you are).

I chose Krav Maga because I am a 6’4” soft lad. I’ve never really been much of a fighter and thank God, never been in too many violent situations. But I had a fear of violent encounters (I still do to be honest). Having tried Aikido and Taekwondo I realised that Krav Maga had a more realistic approach to self-defence and did away with what I respectfully feel are antiquated, mystic elements.

On that day 9 years ago I joined my first Krav Maga class with a whole host of emotions – I wanted to learn to protect myself and my loved ones, I wanted to feel more confident walking the streets and most importantly I didn’t want to think I would be completely useless in a real life situation.

I still feel that way – which is sensible because no one can properly predict how things will go down should the proverbial hit the fan. But at least, I hope, I can reduce the chances of lying on the street in a foetal ball being kicked – better to be standing and blocking some of those kicks and hitting back if you can. You’ll never block them all…

I’ve had many Krav Maga instructors over the years and trained with a whole lot of different people and the one thing everyone has in common is a shared desire to avoid violence – rather than start it. If you’re learning Krav Maga to help you pick fights and bully others, then you are in the wrong place. It’s very much about self-defence. That’s not to say it isn’t violent and you are taught how to hurt people – but only as little as possible in order to make you safe.

So, if anything I have written is ringing bells with you, come along! Take an induction class in Krav Maga, Linn and the team will look after you. It’s fun and you might just learn something that saves your life one day."

Thank you so much, Simon!

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