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Member Profiles - Paul

The next intrepid volunteer for our member profiles is Paul!

What do you do outside of Krav?

Much of my time away from Krav (and work: running a pet care centre) is spent wrangling my “spirited” little two year old daughter.

When I can make the time, I also enjoy woodland runs with my Border Terrier, a bit of bouldering and weekend motorbike rides. More recently some Muay Thai training, and a long-standing battle to include more meditation into my daily routine.

All powered by an awesome plant based diet.

How long have you been training?

I’ve been training for 1 year now. Currently P1, and have my second grading coming up next month, fingers crossed. Feels like it’s only been a short time so far, but I’m intending on training for a good while to come—you’ll all be very pleased to hear.

I previously trained for around 4 years in traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu, which I really enjoyed. Plenty of dramatic jumping, break-falling and throwing people about the place, what’s not to love! But I felt it lacked a real practical side on its own, which lead me to try Krav Maga.

What do you enjoy about krav?

I like that’s instinctive and effective, right from day one. Because you’re building on your natural reactions/reflexes, it makes picking up the basics relatively easy and really rewarding.

There’s a great mix of disciplines used in Krav, which adds to the training variety. You might work on striking one class and the next, groundwork or more technical slow fighting for technique. With some sessions being pretty intense, it’s also a fantastic way to keep fit... without necessarily even noticing while your focusing on training (sometimes you will really notice. Really, notice!).

Being able to follow the KMG syllabus and grading system is useful. It gives the chance to measure my progress and set training goals.

What do you like about training at Rencounter?

One of the most important things for me is the high quality instruction. Linn does this full time, which shows a level of commitment on its own. But Linn & Rob also attend tough instructor updates with KMG throughout the year. Meaning the instruction received at classes is regulated and always right up to date. There’s a real depth of knowledge and understanding shown of both Krav and other disciplines.

Their enthusiasm for Krav Maga is really motivating, making classes fun and focused with encouragement to push your limits and develop determination.

I appreciate that all club training equipment is in good clean condition, and the facilities used are comfortable environments to train in.

There is also a fantastic social side, with regular events and casual nights out for anyone who wants to go along. Makes for a really friendly & welcoming atmosphere during training.

Thank you Paul!

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