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Member Profiles - Neil

Continuing our look at the awesome people we train with, the next member we’d like to introduce you to is Neil!

What do you do outside of Krav?

I’m an IT Manager for a medical imaging company, I’m also studying Judo as well as Krav.

How long have you been training?

I have been doing Krav for 3 or 4 years. I started training in Glasgow with IKMF where I achieved my P1, then I moved to Edinburgh and found this school. Rencounter has taken me through my P2, P3 and P4, my teaching assistant course and I’ll soon be starting the General Instructor’s Course (next month!)

What do you enjoy about Krav?

It’s the real world of application Krav I enjoy, and the large variety of techniques.

What do you like about training with Rencounter?

There’s a real sense of community, you meet people from every walk of life.

The level of detail and effort that Linn and Rob put into training Krav and into the school itself are exemplary.

Thanks Neil - and good luck for the GIC!

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