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Member Profiles - Daniella

Our members are what make our club! We have members from all different backgrounds and experience levels and we want you to know how awesome they are, so every couple of weeks we’re going to introduce you to one of them!

First up is Daniella!

What do you do outside of Krav?

I love dancing, mathematics, lifting weights and I love to cook—not all at the same time!

How long have you been training?

I first came along to one of the women’s workshops. I have been training regularly for 8 months, graded P1.

What do you get from training Krav?

I find it very empowering, it makes me mentally tough and it makes me feel safer. But it’s really fun! I first approached it really seriously but I was surprised how fun training was.

I really like the no-nonsense approach, and the realistic advice: we’re not made to think we’re invincible and the advice and teaching is really relevant. I like that it’s not competitive - we are not training to “win”, we are training to survive. Krav has made me more mentally resilient.

What do you like about Rencounter?

I like that it’s KMG affiliated: I’m reassured that the instructors are properly trained to a professional standard. I really like that there is a female instructor, and I think she takes into consideration situations relevant to women when teaching. There is also a really good balance of men and women in the classes. Though no one has gone any easier on me just because I’m a woman. Linn is also really good at making classes fun and enjoyable, without diluting the seriousness of the subject matter she is teaching. I trust the instructors as they give good realistic advice.

When I first started training I struggled to give myself permission to be aggressive, but I have felt like this a safe place to push those boundaries.

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