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Rencounter Krav Maga Summer camp 2017

It's just one week left until this year's intensive training weekend kicks off!

  • Instructors - check

  • Students - check

  • Venue - check

  • Bus - check

  • Good weather - ?

2017 Intensive Weekend We have a bus, yes, for bus-Krav

The summer camp is the biggest RKM event of the year. I'm excited, and a little bit nervous as usual, but really looking forward to the start of the camp. There are a lot of things that need to be planned, prepared and co-ordinated to make everything run smoothly. Most if it is done, but there are still a few more details to finish in the week that remains, to make sure everyone will learn as much as possible, get an out of the ordinary training experience, and have a good time.

Some subjects this year are: self-defence in close quarters (home invasion and public transport), learning how to get more out of your training, dirty fighting, and dynamics of violence - as well as level specific training, determination drills, scenarios, and a lot more.

Did I mention that I've hired a bus to train in? How often do you get the chance to do krav on the bus? (and not be picked up by the cops afterwards). Training on the bus is quite different from a big open hall.

John Thompson (Expert level 1) from East Coast Krav Maga will be leading this session, and he'll also teach a session on self-defence in close quarters inside on Saturday, working around corners, doorways and narrow corridors. We'll look specifically at home invasion scenarios.

I personally love opportunities for intensive training. You just learn so much so fast, compared to a 1.5 hour class. I think that experience of rapid progress may just be addictive. I also like intensive training as an instructor, because it gives me the opportunity to build each new skill on the previously learned skills in a more continuous way than in separate weekly classes where not everyone has been to each session. This means that everything the students do will give them an advantage for the next technique, because they are based on the same principles or concepts. So in short, when you have more time available, you can learn things in less time. Not to mention that I can plan fun sessions that just wouldn't be practical in a regular class :-)

It's going to be a busy and fun weekend!


It is still possible to sign up if you haven't done so already!

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