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New morning class at the Crags Centre

In September I'm starting a new morning class, Wednesdays 10:00–11:00, at the Crags Centre in the Old Town of Edinburgh.

Time:Wednesdays 10:00–11:00, 3 week block on 7, 14 and 21 September.
Place:The Crags Centre, 10 Bowmont Place. View map
Price:£16 for block of 3 classes/£7 per class

A number of people have asked if I can teach a morning class, so I've decided to run a 3 week block of classes in September, and if this is a time that suits people I'll make it a regular weekly class.

This will be a high-energy one hour class, with the simple, kick-ass techniques that make krav maga an excellent self-defence system, and plenty of cardio and functional strength development in the process. So whether you're looking for self-defence or fitness, or both, you've found what you're looking for.

Sign up & Prices

For the block of trial classes in September you can pay per class, £7, or £16 for the whole block.

If you are already a Rencounter KM member, you can go to this class as part of your membership.

If you have any questions, please contanct info@rencounter.co.uk.

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