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Krav maga self-defence for women

This week we had a visit from STV Edinburgh to do a highlight about women’s self-defence. There isn’t much time to go into details in a short interview like that, so here is more information about Krav Maga and self-defence for women, which didn’t fit into the programme.

Rencounter Krav Maga women’s self-defence course on STV Edinburgh

Why is female self-defence important?

The simple answer: Because it works.

Many women believe they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves, especially against a male attacker, but that is not the case.

There is a size and strength difference between an average woman and an average man, so we have some disadvantages, but we are very far from helpless. There are a number of things women can do in threatening situations, and many of them are instinctive. So part of what my courses are about at Rencounter, is making women more aware of their strengths, and what we can do, even before training.

Just to make it clear, this is not our responsibility. We shouldn’t have to worry about these things, and if someone is attacked it is not their fault. Never. That responsibility always lies with the attacker. But unfortunately, we can’t control what others do. However, we can give ourselves an advantage by preparing ourselves to be better able to deal with violent confrontations.

This is not just about technical skills: an important part of what we practice is about confidence — using voice and body language to keep our boundaries¹, and situational awareness — spotting danger signs and avoiding dangerous situations. The technical skills are a last resort if nothing else worked.

Why is krav maga good for self-defence?

Krav maga is a good system because it’s for everyone. It’s simple, it’s practical, and it’s fun to do!

Krav maga works with our instinctive reactions and uses simple movements which are fast to learn. You don’t need to train for years to become proficient, and you don’t have to be a big strong man to be able to do this. It’s made to work for everyone, no matter your size, age, gender or level of fitness. You don’t need any acrobatic skills to be able to do the techniques.

That’s what makes it so much fun, and it keeps you fit too, so you don’t need to think about going to the gym.

How can I get involved?

I teach two classes a week for beginners. These are for both men and women. New beginners are enrolled continuously through the trial classes that I run about once a month.

I know some women prefer ladies-only classes, so I run courses and workshops like the one in the video, which is a self-defence course for women only. If you want to train in a ladies-only group but there are no courses planned, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If there is enough interest I might organise additional courses.

Self defence training is so useful because it works and it doesn’t take a lot of time to learn. I hope none of my students will need to use these skills, but if they do, they are much better prepared. And the confidence and peace of mind that gives, makes people’s lives better on a daily basis.

So if you’ve thought about learning self-defence but not taken the first step yet, forget any excuses you might have for doing it later or not going. Here at Rencounter, everyone is welcome! The students are an amazing friendly group of people, and it’s important to me that classes are fun and that people enjoy training!

See you in a class soon!


[1] Self-defence training for women is so important because we know that fighting back works. And studies show that women who have done self-defence training are less likely to experience unwanted sexual contact.

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