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Boardgame workout

Yep, that's correct, boardgame workout. Those two words can be used together, and very effectively too it turns out.

We got ourselves a deck-building game for Christmas, called Star Realms. The idea of the game is that you have some space ships, you acquire better space ships, and you conquer the other player's planets and bases.

Then, unrelated to this, Fran mentioned that he hadn't done push ups for a long while, we should do some exercise together. Somehow we connected these two things together (I believe it was Fran's idea, so if you try this workout, you can blame him).

Star Realms has 3 main mechanics: the cards you get let you 1) deal damage 2) gain hit points (authority) and 3) get money, in increasing amounts throughout the game.

So we decided on an exercise for each thing:

  1. damage = push ups

  2. hit points = burpees

  3. money = squats.

You start with fairly low numbers, like 2 damage (=push ups) and 3 gold (=squats) per turn. But then, as you use the money to buy better space ships, they give you higher numbers.

So toward the end we had a few rounds with about 25 push ups and 12 burpees per round, plus some squats which were a lot easier than the other two exercises after a while.

You can choose not to do all the reps, but then you don't get to deal the full amount of damage that you could do with the cards in your hand, or you don't get all the hit points you could get, and then you would lose the game. And if you're a little bit competitive, that's not going to happen, is it!

Of course, it just so happened that this time the game dragged on for longer than usual, so we got to go through even more cards, with even more exercises.

And both too stubborn to give up.

I got the upper hand in the end, dealing a total of 136 damage (push ups), gained 49 hit points (burpees), and spent 93 gold (squats).

An average game would be a little bit less than that, so a nice wee workout in the end.

So if you're a boardgame nerd and a fitness nerd, why not combine these great things together? Like chocolate and bacon, both are great, what can go wrong?

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