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The timetables are a-changin'

I'm happy to see that the group of members has grown steadily, and most are regulars that come to almost every class. This is a great development, and I'm happy because it tells me that people must like the classes. But it also means that very soon there won't be enough space in the room that we have!

So I either get a larger space, add more classes, or turn down new people who want to join. I don't want to be left with the last option, so I've chosen the other two: getting a larger space and adding more classes.

I've now confirmed the new class times with the centre manager at the North Merchiston Club, and managed to decide on a schedule that I think will work well for everyone. The result is that from September I'm doubling the number of krav maga classes I'm teaching per week. For the current members, the class times will remain almost the same. The additional classes are a mixed-level class on Tuesdays and a beginners' class on Thursdays.

Check out the new and improved timetable!

New classes

The timetable I've settled on means there will be a mixed level class in the larger sports hall on Tuesdays, and a new beginners' class on Thursdays, immediately after the current Thursday class. The two existing classes will become intermediate classes, for those who have covered the basics, when the new classes start.

I'm looking forward to start the new classes. I can't help wondering if I'm doing too much too soon with this, but both my reasoning and my instincts tell me that it's the right step to take. I think this is a good time to add a class for new beginners, as many of the current group have now been training for a few months and their skills in the basics of krav maga are getting solid.

I think creating a beginners' and an intermediate class will make it easier to give new students a good foundation in the basics, taking the time to practice new techniques step by step, and also give the more experienced practitioners new challenges at a suitable level, without overwhelming the beginners.

However, there are also good things about training in a mixed level class. New students get to learn a lot from those who are more experienced, and you get a larger variety of people and experience in the group. This is good both for the new and the more experienced students, because training with people of different height, build, and temperament makes us better prepared if faced with an attacker in real life.

The social side

The downside of having more classes is that the the members won't get to know everyone, the way it is now. We had another pub night last week, which was very nice, and it struck me again what a great group of people it is. I consider myself fortunate to get to come back every week to teach people who are eager to learn, and have fun. The past few weeks have been stressful, and the classes with this lovely bunch really brighten up my week.

We'll continue having a pub night or other social events a couple of times a month, which will be a chance for everyone to meet outside training; As much as we all like krav maga, it's nice to get the chance to talk to people without pretending to attack them, or kicking them in the groin every few seconds.

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