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New Tuesday class starting in September!

More Time and Space!

In September we'll be starting a new class in a larger room at the North Merchiston club, in the sports hall downstairs. So we'll have more space to move, and space for more people!

The sports hall is available for us on Tuesdays, between 6-8. So depending on our numbers after the summer that might mean that the Monday class will be moved to Tuesday, if so I apologize if this causes problems for anyone. But if there are enough people to do it, I'm going to keep the Monday class for those who have started before the summer, as an intermediate class. This will make it easier to work on more advanced techniques for those who have trained for a while, to make sure you get new challenges. And in the Tuesday sessions we would focus more on the basics (which are important to practice for everyone), and give new beginners a gradual introduction to new techniques. The Thursday session will continue as normal in the same room, this will be for both beginners and the intermediate level.

So if you know anyone who might be interested in trying krav maga, or you want an excuse to kick your mates in the baws - tell them to come along to the beginner's classes in September, there's plenty of space!

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