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Weekend Intensive course

On 4 and 5 July we held a two-day intensive course for beginners.

7 hours of training, split over two days - a solid dose of krav maga to spice up the weekend! Everyone who took part showed impressive progress, some well beyond what could be expected in two short days! This was so much fun to teach and those who took part seemed to have a good time. I say it was a success!

I already knew how effective intensive courses can be, but I was still surprised by how fast people picked up new techniques and skills. I really really like intensive courses as a format for teaching. But a course like this depends so much on what people put into it. And that's what made this course great. Everyone worked hard and stayed focused throughout the week-end and, importantly, had fun!

We covered basic counter attacks and defences against common attacks, the same techniques that are normally taught in the first couple of months of training in a regular class. We also had some talks on topics like common reactions to stress, awareness, and the law on self-defence. This are things that we usually don't have the time to discuss in-depth in a regular 1.25h class.

In all, we covered much more in much less time than it usually requires in weekly classes. With the longer hours of training in a course like this it's possible to go more in depth into techniques and to start from the basics and gradually build each new step on top of the previous one. In krav maga many techniques build on each other, and there is a set of principles underlying all the techniques. This means that once you have understood a principle underlying one technique, you can reuse the same building blocks as it were, for all the other techniques that follow the same principle. So you don't start from scratch with every new technique; you discover that you actually know half of the technique already.

I was worried the sessions would be too long for a group of beginners, but everyone was focused and surprisingly energetic, even by the end of day 2. We had a few breaks from training where I talked about the law on self-defence among other things, trying to make it as clear and understandable as possible. Of course I had to make up for the time resting with some fun drills to make people sweat a bit.

We finished off the course with a "pressure test", helped by my assistant "attackers" in helmets and protective gear. This gave everyone the chance to try the skills they had learned in a more realistic scenario, with a bit of adrenaline and stress in the mix. Everyone did very well, some extremely well, and showed that they had not simply learned the individual techniques, but were able to put them together and deal with a problem under pressure.

I believe everyone was tired at the end of the weekend, including myself, but the effort put in definitely showed results! Huge well done to everyone who took part. Will definitely be doing this again!


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