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First month of classes

We are now into the 5th week of krav maga classes at the North Merchiston club. There have been new people at the induction classes almost every week, and a fair number of people have joined the club. I’m very happy with the group we have so far; it’s a good mix of people, men and women, different ages, and different occupations (except for a surprisingly high number of computer scientists/IT people). They’re all good people who help each other learn and make the classes fun to teach and to take part in.

We've even had the first social event for the club, as a few of us went to see the Avengers: Age of Ultron which was out at the end of April.

In the first month I’ve been fortunate to have had the help of a few experienced krav maga practitioners who have helped with demonstrating techniques and answering questions from new members. This has been of great value because they are able to answer questions from a different perspective as practitioners, than I as an instructor, and it has made the teaching process easier for me. All the techniques have to be demonstrated, and then it’s good to have an experienced student to help with that, so that all the new students can see the full demonstration of the technique.

The venue has also been a lucky find. The people at North Merchiston are very helpful and friendly, so I am very happy with my choice. There seems to be a good community feeling there which is exactly what I want for my classes. But it was a long process to find a good venue in the right place, and with suitable times available. Edinburgh is a busy city with many activities on. Around half the places I contacted did not respond. Some places the responsible person was not available and “we’ll tell him/her to call you back” – never happened. Or they simply did not reply to calls or emails. Maybe their contact details were out of date. But just before I came across the North Merchiston Club I had been in touch with another venue, they had offered some available times that were suitable for me. But when I sent a request to book, they never replied. Sometimes it seems people just don’t want your money. This time that was just as well, since I found North Merchiston instead, which is much better.

The people at the bank were also friendly, but much less helpful, and they took a mortal age to process my application for an account. It’s not like everything can be done online these days. I think they had to dig a new vault for storing my money, and train a three-headed puppy to guard it. These things take time, I understand. But now they have given me the Holy Card Reader of Instant-access-to-my-money, so all is well in the land. And my newly started members have been very patient, though surprisingly eager to pay me. That was never one of the problems I considered, more like the other way around.

All in all I'd say things have gone my way so far. After a lot of hard work to get everything ready and promote the classes, it felt very rewarding to finally start teaching and to see that people have a good time in the classes!

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