Threat Assessment with Tammy McCracken

18:15–21:00 on Monday 11th March, 2024 — North Merchiston Club, Edinburgh

Threat Assessment, an Evening with Tammy McCracken - March 2024


North Merchiston Club, Edinburgh


Monday 11th March, 18:15–21:00



Tammy will be taking us through a two-part seminar, a physical part and an educational part, that will build on our natural threat assessment abilities and hone this essential self-defence skill.

We will be looking at:

  • what informs our "gut instinct" read of a situation, and what we can consciously pay attention to to gather information, e.g., position and distance, body language and verbal cues;
  • how to play with these elements to assess whether we are dealing with a social or asocial threat;
  • using and developing verbal skills to change the threat assessment of a potential attacker, adding to our "become a hard target" tool box.

For the non-physical part, we will walk out the background and details on how to determine if the people, environment, circumstances or relationship warrant a threat management response.

Your Instructor

Tammy McCracken is a doctor of psychology, an expert level Krav Maga instructor, and part of Rory Miller's Violence Dynamics team. She has an extensive background and experience, and is internationally renowned in the self defence industry. You can read more in her full bio.

There are few people as qualified as Tammy to teach both soft skills and physical skills for self defence. Tammy is over from the States, to run a series of instructor courses for 500Rising. We have a world-class expert in Edinburgh, and we are very excited to have her teach for us.

Do not miss this opportunity!

Course details

No equipment required.

The seminar takes place at the North Merchiston Club, 48 Watson Crescent, Edinburgh.

Sorry, booking for this event has closed!

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