Four week introduction to Self-Defence for kids (Tuesdays)

17th January to 7th February, North Merchiston Club

Four-week introduction course to Self-Defence for Kids, 7-11 years


North Merchiston Club, Edinburgh


Tuesdays, 17:00–17:45, from 17th January to 7th February



Four week introduction course to self-defence for kids, January 2023

Krav Maga is a practical self-defence system and an activity for kids that builds useful physical and mental skills. Through practice and games, they gain the skills and confidence to prepare them for everyday situations.

For the younger children, our aim is to help them learn through play some vital techniques that can help keep them safe. Examples include physical self-defence techniques, shouting loudly if they are grabbed by surprise, and running away to a safe place.

In this course we will teach:

  • Practical and age appropriate self-defence techniques
  • Ways to deal with bullying and rough play
  • Situational awareness

The Junior Intro Course gives kids an opportunity to learn some basic self-defence skills in a fun and safe environment. Kids get to know us and can decide if they would like to become a regular student with us. Over time children will build self-esteem and confidence by developing practical life skills and fitness and motor skills, which can make all the difference in life.

Place and dates

North Merchiston Club, 48 Watson Crescent, Edinburgh EH11 1EP

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