Control and Restraint Seminar with H.M. Martinsen

Sunday 21 May 2023, 10:30–14:30 — Room to Move, Leith

Control and Restraint Serminar with H.M. Martinsen - May 2023


Room to Move, West Bowling Green St, Leith


Sunday 21st May, 10:30–14:30


£60 KMG members
£70 non-members

Physical Conflict Resolution: When Communication Fails

Learn how to control and manage another person in a safe manner without striking. Depending on the context or situation we may become involved in a physical altercation where it's not appropriate or justified to hit or cause injury to the other person.

This seminar will focus on skills from the KMG Law Enforcement curriculum, as well as the ISR Physical Management Matrix: a system based on a series of gross motor skills, to be able to control aggressive and violent people, in a manner that reduces the likelihood of harm both to the person being handled and those handling the situation.

The techniques are easy to learn and easy to use in a stressful situation when fine motor skills can get lost in the effects of adrenaline and stress.

Designed specifically for security personnel, but highly relevant for those working in healthcare, education or any type of job working in environments that require hands on subject control, restraint and transport.

Understanding the principles of how to move and manage someone who is belligerent and resisting is crucial to applying our skills, and a valuable tool for your self defence tool box, whether you are a civilian or it's part of your professional role.

Your instructor

We are delighted to be hosting Hans Marius Martinsen for this seminar. Hans Marius is the Head Instructor at Krav Maga Tromsø.

He has extensive experience working in the security industry, including being involved in teaching security personnel physical training skills and education. He also has a background in healthcare settings, specialising in managing aggression issues. He has been training krav maga for 14 years, is a Graduate Level 5 with KMG and has been teaching krav maga since 2015. He is also on the teaching team for the International Krav Maga Camp in Norway. We are excited to have him teach in Edinburgh.

Place and dates

Room to Move, West Bowling Green St, Leith

Hans Marius Martinsen

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