Randy King double bill! Pre-Attack Cues and Dirty Boxing

September 7-8, 2019 at the Crags Centre

Rencounter Krav Maga is proud to host Randy King for two seminars, on 7th and 8th September, at the Crags Centre, Edinburgh.

Hailing from Canada, Randy is an internationally renowned instructor and speaker on violence prevention and self-defence, and core member of the Violence Dynamics team.

Boundary Setting and Pre-attack Cues

Saturday 7th September: 10:00-17:00, 1 hour lunch break

This course will give you an up to date model on threat assessment. Not only will you learn what to look for in a potential attacker, you will also, through environmental cues, know what type of violence you are facing to help you come up with a realistic plan for defence in any given situation.

Topics covered:

  • Three types of violence
  • The quick read (what to look for)
  • Physical and Verbal Boundary setting
  • 4 step assessment process
  • Body Language cues
  • How to "hack" the cues for safety.

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The Crags Centre, Edinburgh

Who is it for

Open for all. Suitable for new beginners and experienced marital artists/fighters. Recommended for anyone working in law enforcement/security/conflict management.


£75. Discounts apply for attending both seminars, and for KMG members.

Max participants: 25

Dirty Boxing: Pit Fight

Sunday 8th September: 09:00-16:00, 1 hour lunch break

This seminar takes all the best parts of striking and wrestling and weaponizes them for self-defense and street situations.

Randy firmly believes that if you cannot control the middle ground you cannot actually fight.

Topics covered:

  • Power generation and unorthodox striking tools
  • Control the wrestling range for striking
  • Non sport based striking and ripping targets, both primary and secondary
  • High Tie up and reversals
  • Mid Tie up and reversals
  • Base disruptions

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The Crags Centre, Edinburgh

Who is it for

Open for all. Recommended for anyone looking to improve their self-defence skills, whether you are an experienced fighter or a new beginner.


£75. Discounts apply if you are attending both seminars, and for KMG members.

Max participants 30

Who is Randy?

Randy King is an internationally acclaimed speaker on violence prevention, violence management and self defence and is a core member of the Violence Dynamics team (alongside Rory Miller).

Drawing from his extensive experience in the civilian world as a bouncer, close protection officer, and head of security, he teaches people what they need to prioritise in order to defend themselves against real-world threats.

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Randy King

Dates and times

Boundary Setting and Pre-attack CuesSaturday 7th September
Dirty boxing: Pit FightSunday 8th September

We'll have a one-hour lunch break on both Saturday and Sunday.

The seminars is open to all adults age 16 and up.


Non membersKMG members
Both seminars£139£125
Boundary Setting and Pre-attack Cues£79£70
Dirty boxing: Pit Fight£79£70

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Refund policy

Until and including 19 August: full price of the seminar is refunded, minus a £10 admin fee. No refunds after 19 August.

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Sorry, booking for this event is now closed.