Krav Maga intensive weekend course

July 12-14, 2019. Three days of intensive self-defence training!

  • Learn practical self-defence skills
  • Challenge yourself
  • Have fun with like-minded people

You will gain as much skill in these three days as you would in about three months of regular classes. You don’t just clock up a lot of hours in a short space of time, with intensive training your learning speed also increases throughout the course as every technique builds on previously learned moves and principles.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is highly effective self defence system based on instinctive reactions and natural movements. It is made to work for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and physical fitness. There are no rules: dirty tricks are not only allowed but encouraged. Techniques in the system are made to stop an attacker as quickly and effectively as possible, so that you can stay safe. You will also learn methods to avoid having to use any of the physical skills that we practice.

Our method of teaching is an integral part of what makes Krav Maga so fast to learn, and in this intensive weekend of training you will get to take full advantage of that.

You will be immersed in Krav Maga for a whole amazing weekend!

The course will cover

  • No nonsense self-defence techniques
  • How to make strong, effective attacks to vulnerable targets
  • How to escape from chokes and dangerous positions
  • Prevention strategies and how to identify possible threats
  • What to do if the fight goes to the ground
  • Building your confidence to deal with situations before they become violent

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is a complete beginner or has recently started learning Krav Maga. You don't need to have any martial arts experience whatsoever to take part in this course. It is open for all levels of fitness. We learn better when we are having fun, so you can also expect to enjoy yourself!

A Krav Maga session is a full body workout, so expect some sore muscles after this weekend. No matter your level of fitness, I can guarantee that you will get tired, but also that it won't be more than you can manage. It is an intensive weekend of training, so you need to be in general good health, but don't worry, you don't need to be super fit to attend. If you have any health problems or concerns please let us know. You decide your own pace, and it is always OK to take a break.

We will start with basic techniques and gradually build our way up to more advanced techniques and problems.

This weekend is a great way to challenge yourself and have a load of fun with an excellent group of supportive people!


The course will be at the North Merchiston Club in Edinburgh. Most of the training will be indoors, but we will also do some outdoors training, so be prepared for that.

Dates and times

Friday 12/719:00–21:00
Saturday 13/709:00–17:00
Sunday 14/709:00–17:00

We'll have a 1.5 hour lunch break on Saturday and Sunday.


Early bird offer when you book by Friday 8 June, 23:59.

Early bird£139
Full price£159

Discounted prices are available for KMG members.

The course is open to all adults age 16 and up.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing the following:

  • Clean shoes for inside training, or you can train barefoot
  • Outdoor training shoes
  • Bottle of water
  • Snacks (bananas, energy bars, nuts, etc.)
  • Fresh t-shirt every day. Possibly two t-shirts morning and afternoon. We train for many hours each day, don't show up the next day in the same t-shirt (or wash it).

You will also need a groin guard for training. This is included in your course fee, and will be handed out on the first day of the course.

Refund policy

If you cancel before 12 June we will refund the course price, minus a £10 administration fee.

After 12 June we will refund 50% of the course price, up until 48 hours before the camp starts. No refunds after that, since preparations have started and costs have incurred.

Booking closed

Sorry, booking for this event is now closed.