Rencounter Krav Maga Summer Camp 2018

July 6-8, 2018. Three days of intensive self-defence training!

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Whether you have recently started or you are an experienced Krav Maga practitioner, intensive training is a great way to take your self-defence skills a giant step forward in a very short time. The summer camp is fun, social, and gives you the chance to do some training that is out of the ordinary.

Edinburgh Summer Camp vol. 4

The course is intense and packed with training, you will learn a lot. One of the themes this year is limitation training: how to defend when an attacker has grabbed on to your clothing and is pushing or pulling. There will also be tactical training on how to use your environment and available objects to defeat or outsmart an attacker.

Material covered this year will be both basics and more advanced training, including reality training outdoors. The summer camp is open for beginners as well as experienced students and instructors. For high-level students, we will work on locks and control techniques, and there will be an emphasis on fighting tactics and finding new solutions when the situation changes.

During the camp, we will try to combine some of the training sections with some summery social activities outside.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing the following:

  • Groin guard required. No groin, no krav maga. If you don't have a groin guard you can buy one at the course.
  • Clean shoes for inside training, or you can train barefoot.
  • Outdoor training shoes.
  • Bottle of water.
  • Snacks (bananas, energy bars, nuts, etc.)
  • Fresh t-shirt every day. Possibly two t-shirts morning and afternoon. We train for many hours each day, don't show up the next day in the same t-shirt (or wash it).

For the limitation training, you will need a sturdy hoodie or jacket that you are not strongly attached to: we can't guarantee that it will make it whole through the weekend. If you don't have anything that fits the bill, get in touch before the camp and we'll find something for you.

For senior students: bring boxing gloves, mouth guard, shin guards. (If you don't have shin guards, that's ok. We have boxing gloves to lend you, just let us know in advance)


The price for the summer camp includes training and transportation to outdoor locations. Additionally, we have early bird prices before 15 June, so sign up early!

Early bird - book by 15 June, 23:59£90
Full price£120

Note: this is the booking page for KMG members. → Non KMG members

Refund policy

If you cancel by 20 June we will refund the course price, minus a £10 administration fee.

After 20 June we will refund 50% of the course price, up until 48 hours before the camp starts. No refunds after that, since planning has started and costs have incurred.


The course will be at the North Merchiston Club in Edinburgh. Most of the training will be indoors, but we will also do some outdoors training.

Dates and times

Friday 6/719:00–21:00
Saturday 7/709:00–18:00
Sunday 8/709:00–17:00

We'll have a 1.5 hour lunch break on Saturday and Sunday.

The course is open to all adults age 16 and up.

Booking closed

Sorry, booking for this event is now closed.