KMG Scotland Women's Self-defence Workshop

Saturday 25 November, 2017. Limited places!

Join us for a fun-filled day, getting in touch with your super powers and learning empowering self defence skills with KMG Scotland's Women's Division!

WhenSaturday 25 November, 12:00–15:00
WhereNorth Merchiston Club, Edinburgh
WhoAll women, aged 16 and up
How muchThe workshop is free, donations are encouraged to Scottish Women's Aid

This workshop is for all independent women, age 16 and above, who don’t want to rely on a knight in shining armour to happen by if they end up in a bad situation. You already have the ability to take care of yourself; we will build on your instinctive reactions and natural movements to make them more effective and more powerful.

In this course we will cover:

  • Simple and powerful strikes.
  • Getting to know your strengths.
  • Defences against some common attacks, from a standing position and on the ground.
  • Awareness: identifying potentially dangerous situations.
  • Common reactions to stress/fear.
  • Mindset: practicing confidence and determination, setting boundaries.

This course is for women only, and we will focus on attacks and problems that women are more likely to encounter. You don’t need to be very flexible or particularly strong. Krav maga is designed to work in real life, in all sorts of conditions, against larger opponents, and from positions of disadvantage. These techniques are made to stop an attacker as quickly and effectively as possible, so that you can stay safe.

Even though self-defence is a serious topic, we focus on having fun and creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It makes it easier to learn new skills, and it’s simply more enjoyable! We look forward to seeing you there, invite your female friends, relatives, neighbours and co-workers!

The workshop is on Saturday 25 November from 12:00 to 15:00 at the North Merchiston Club.

Scottish Women's Aid