Intensive Krav Maga weekend course

July 15-17, 2016. Ten hours of intensive self-defence training!

  • Learn a lot in a short time
  • Challenge yourself
  • Have fun with like-minded people

Whether you are a complete beginner or you are an experienced Krav Maga practitioner, intensive training is a great way to take your self-defence skills a giant step forward in a very short time.

You will gain as much skill in these 3 days as you normally would in about three months of regular classes. Intensive training doesn't just let you clock up a lot of hours in a short time (though it does that too), but your learning speed will increase throughout the camp.

Krav Maga is based on a set of principles that can be applied to a large number of problems. Keep it simple, stick to gross motor skills, and work with your instinctive movements, that's the idea behind Krav Maga. Once you have learnt one technique you will see how many other techniques are based on the same principles, so with every new technique you’re already halfway to learning a number of other techniques based on the same movements.

Our method of teaching in KMG is an integral part of what makes Krav Maga so fast to learn, and in this intensive weekend of training you will get the full advantage of that. You will be immersed in Krav Maga for a whole amazing weekend!

During this course participants will learn:

  • avoidance & awareness techniques
  • effective striking & kicking
  • defences against chokes
  • defences against weapons
  • defensive ground fighting
  • defences against multiple assailants
  • effective stand up defences
  • defending other people
  • mental preparedness drills

For complete beginners

You don't need any martial arts experience to take part in this course. There will be a group for beginners, where the instructor will take you through techniques step by step. As a beginner you will learn how to defend and counter attack effectively in a stand up position and on the ground, against armed and unarmed attacks, starting with basic techniques and gradually building your way up to more advanced techniques and problems.

We will also work on developing better situational awareness and mental preparedness, and in the last part of the course there will be scenario exercises where you have the opportunity to practice dealing with threatening situations, in a safe and supportive environment.

A Krav Maga session is a full body work out, so expect some sore muscles after this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be very fit to take part in the course, you can adapt the level of intensity to suit you. If you have any health problems or concerns please let us know, and I recommend talking to your GP before signing up to the course.

For Krav Maga practitioners

For current practitioners and KMG members, you will learn more advanced techniques according to your level. Other subjects included will be combat mindset exercises, third party protection, and decision making in situations with multiple attackers.


The course will be at the North Merchiston Club in Edinburgh. Most of the training will be indoors, but we will also do some outdoors training.

Dates and times

Friday 15/718:30–21:00
Saturday 16/713:00–17:00
Sunday 17/713:00–17:00

We'll have a short food break on Saturday and Sunday.


Full course: £90 — KMG members: £75