Self-defence for Women - Free Workshop

March 7, 16:30–18:30

International Women's Day 2015

This free workshop is our way to mark the International Women’s Day. Learning self-defence is a way for us women to take power into our own hands to keep ourselves and the people we care about safe.

In this workshop you will learn some simple and effective techniques that could make the difference between becoming a victim and getting yourself out of a dangerous situation. You will also get a good and fun workout.

  • Learn effective self-defence techniques
  • Awareness: identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations
  • Situations and attacks commonly faced by women
  • Striking and kicking skills

The workshop is free and open to all women aged 16 or above.

One session: on Saturday, 7th of March from 16:30 to 18:30 at the Crags Community Sports Centre.

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