Krav Maga

You can choose whether to sign up for all weekly classes for your level, or just one class a week.

All classes5 classes per month
Full price £50 p/m£35 p/m
Concessions £40 p/m£25 p/m

Concessions for students, single parents, unemployed.

Payment is made by standing order, monthly.

Once the standing order is set up, the fee is paid automatically from your account every month, like a direct debit, but you have more control. If you know that you will be away for a whole month, you can stop the payment for that month and send us an email to let us know you'll be away (you can’t stop the payments for periods shorter than a month).

KMG Licence

There is a starting fee of £26, for your KMG membership licence. This is renewed annually (£25) and gives you:

  • Membership to KMG Scotland with full access to book onto any KMG Grading nationwide;
  • Proof of full Public Liability Insurance for training within your local club and with members from other Krav Maga clubs at National Grading;
  • Personal Accident cover, as most standard insurances don’t cover martial arts training;
  • Discounted prices at numerous KMG events worldwide.

More information is available on the KMG Scotland website.