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Camp Norway 2021 - November Summer camp

To work around Covid, summer arrived late this year

RKM Instructors Linn and Peter have been training and soaking up knowledge this week at the International Krav Maga Summer Camp in Norway.

Linn has also been teaching, together with Expert level 5 Rune Lind and the rest of the instructor team from KMG Norway.

Rune Lind teaching at Krav Maga summer camp in Oslo with RKM instructor Linn

It's been a great week of striking, takedowns, ground fighting, scenario training, and fighting up against walls to mention a few, with dedicated kravers from different countries, including Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Scotland of course.

We worked on a lot of material from the new KMG curriculum, and the RKM instructors are taking home new drills and methods of building up the teaching process to help our students build these skills as efficiently as possible.

Peter defending on the ground against attacker that is striking

The new curriculum has more elements of grappling and ground fighting in the early levels, and is even more principle-based in its approach. It emphasizes even more than before the ability to solve problems, often on a rapidly unfolding timeline, using the basic principles.

The camp has been a great mix of technical progress, physical and mental challenge, new material, and having fun with likeminded people.

And dad jokes. Loads of dad jokes...

RKM instructors at November Camp in Oslo

This camp has a really great atmosphere, as well as a very high level of teaching, which translates into progressing fast, learning and understanding more, while having a lot of fun. Highly recommended for kravers of all experience levels.

We're looking forward to next year's camp already!

Hopefully going back again with a delegation of students and instructors from Rencounter.

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