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Where and how to attach the KMG level patch

If you are reading this article it's likely that you have passed your first grading and earned your first level patch. But it's not going to be the last one, is it? Of course not.

So to save yourself some work down the line, here's how to attach your patch like a pro.

Secret weapon: velcro

The patch should be attached on the left leg of the trousers, 4.5cm (just under 2 inches) below the embroidered KMG logo. But between washing cycles and gradings, fixing it in place forever might not be a good idea. If only you could easily remove or replace the patch...

Get some black velcro at your nearest haberdashery (or a large supermarket, bargain store etc.).

Cut both sides of the velcro to the same size as your level patch. Sew the soft part on the trousers where the patch should be. Make sure it's firmly attached. It's important to have the soft half of the velcro on the trousers, not the scratchy side.

Where to place the velcro

Take the other half of the velcro and attach to the patch. You can sew this on as well, but there are easier alternatives. You can be lazy and use super glue: it's probably going to last until the next time you grade. And if not, it's easy to re-glue it.

Velcro on the back of the patch

There, done. Now you can easily remove your patch, and just need to glue velcro on the new patch next time you grade. So you only need to sew once and be done with it.

Patch attached

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