Four week introduction to Krav Maga

From Tuesday 9 January to Thursday 1 February, 2018.

PlaceNorth Merchiston Club, Edinburgh
Time9 January to 1 February, 2018
PricesFrom £24.50, when booking by the 24 December.

Open for all, aged 16 and up. For complete beginners, no experience necessary.

Why would you do Krav Maga?

To feel safer and more confident in yourself.
Krav maga is practical self-defence for normal people of all ages and shapes.
You get in good shape
You start training to get fit, you don’t need to be fit before you start training ;-)
There are friendly people of all ages in the school
Minimum age 16 yrs for adults classes
You can train when you have the time.
There are a number of classes to choose from, and it’s not the end of the world if you miss a class.
You learn how to set boundaries and speak up for yourself
You also learn to see others’ boundaries
You get an excellent way of de-stressing after a hard day
Leave the classes buzzing, tired, and happy
Did we mention that it’s a lot of fun?

Basic Intro Course

  • Four sessions on Tuesdays, 18:30-20:30
  • Starting Tuesday 9 January
  • Cost: £24.50 (early bird), £40 (full price, after 24 Dec).

Learn no-nonsense self-defence skills, try a great way of working out together with friendly supportive people!

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Intro Course Plus

  • 2 sessions a week over 4 weeks, 13 hours total
  • Tuesday sessions are from 18:30-20:30
  • Thursday sessions are from 19:45-21:00
  • Cost: £39.50 (early bird), £60 (full price, after 24 Dec).

Get all the practical, easy-to learn skills of the Basic course, with more fun and sweaty workouts, more techniques, and more time to practice what you’ve learned and make sure it sticks.

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+ Gift option

Why not give this as a Christmas present to someone who could use some extra “oomph” to kick start the new year?

If it doesn't fit with the recipient's schedule, they have the option of changing it to one month of krav maga classes, starting from any of our monthly induction classes, and to be used by the end of 2018.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Recognize dangerous situations
  • De-escalate confrontations
  • Use body language and verbal commands
  • Defend against armed and unarmed attacks
  • Defend yourself standing up and on the ground
  • Introduction to the law on self defence

Both courses start on Tuesday 9 January, from 18:30 to 20:30.

All classes at the North Merchiston Club. Tuesday classes run 18:30–20:30, Thursday classes 19:45–21:00.

Booking closed

Sorry, all places available for this course have been booked.

For an introduction to Krav Maga, come to our induction class in January.

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